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100+ Short Weave Hairstyles [IDEAS] [BEST GUIDE]


Short Weave Hairstyles

Short Weave Hairstyles – From changing lengths into a plethora of color choices, no 2 weaves are equally. This makes it a fantastic alternative for a black woman quick weave hair that wants something that informs her distinctive story without including a great deal of hassle or cost to everyday life.

Short haired hairstyles are sweet, sassy and a great deal of fun. From bright colors to hot layers, there are lots of choices when you are ready for something fresh. Based on how discreet and natural or amazing and bright you need your hair to seem, you might pick a hairstyle in the gallery below which will pleasantly surprise not just you but everyone about.

Short Weave Hairstyles Types

Bold Bright Blue

Bold Bright Blue

Short weave hairstyles may incorporate it all — this one integrates varied lengths, layered and dull cuts, side layouts and a daring pop of bright blue color on the upper layer of hair.

Honey Rain Down

Honey Rain Down

Honey colored hues introduced in an abysmal weave is the ideal way to liven up dull hair. Go with a center or side part and use your inverted bob either curled or straight to alternative the fashions whenever you like. Add a tiny wave angled towards the rear of the head for a more versatile look.

Rainbow Statement

Rainbow Statement

The short, layered hair has been made more dramatic with rainbow colors. Go with a regal purple or blue, or go with a couple unique colors which express your personality. Ditch the long curly weave hairstyles for something shorter and more original.

Right to the Point

Right to the Point

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When it comes to short weave hairstyles, this is truly a classic. Straight, thick and face-framing, this weave relies upon choppy layers and a confident, beautiful smile.

Side Swept Bob

Side Swept Bob

Weaves do not always need to come with dramatic angles and head-turning colors. This version keeps hair a nice texture and a easy length, brightening things up using a subtle mahogany hue. Having a thinner weave provides both your scalp and sanity a much-needed break from hefty, long locks, perfect for weave hairstyles for black women.


Pixie Cut Sew In

Pixie Cut Sew In

Short quick weave designs are popular with women on the go — if you’ve got a busy schedule, then a fast and simple weave enhancement is perfect for your hair.

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Look at these Short Weave Hairstyles which keep your scissors and your character looking sexy! If you consider adding extensions in your typical hair it’s generally for fullness or to add length, but not necessarily. A short weave might be an superb choice to trying a brand-new short hair style without altering your hair!

Sleek and chic bob

Short Weave Hairstyles

Proving that bobs and Hollywood waves are indeed a glamorous pair, this sparkling brief weave hairstyle will make you feel as a completely new person.

Blunt cut hair silver hair dye

Blunt cut hair silver hair dye


When Kim Kardashian West got the short blunt cut hairstyle of your dreams, you made it your mission for it one day soon… well, ladies, the time has come. How? By getting the weave edition of this, ofc!

Short shag haircut

Short shag haircut

A sterile haircut complete with wispy bangs.

Curly bob hairstyle

Curly bob hairstyle

A curlicious bob.

Short weaves hairstyles don’t always have to be sleek. Yep, if you have ever need to learn how to rock a brief wavy glow, we suggest you take fashion notes out of this Instagram celebrity.

Purple pixie haircut

Purple pixie haircut

What you’d envision modern-day fairies slaying.

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Bet you didn’t think short weave hairstyles could find this creative, eh? This beauty has not only gone to get a pretty and fierce short textured pixie hairstyle, but she has also made a decision to pair it with this seasons hottest color: purple.

Long haired pixie cut

Long haired pixie cut

Check top Short bobs.

Tired of obtaining a very long pixie weave? Instead of heading down the slick path with your choice of cut, then try obtaining a loosely waved long pixie hairstyle, like the one pictured above.

Layered bob cut

Layered bob cut

A voluminous, feather styled short blonde bob hairstyle.

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If you’re searching for short weave hairstyles that are filled with enviable bounce and motion, this look was created for you.

Light layers and feathered finishes make this short weave hairstyle and easy one to tousle around — meaning you can resemble a beach babe 24-7!

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