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How To Weave Hair

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How To Weave Hair package to your own needle and thread, insert the curved needle beneath the hair and bring this up.

Attach your hair weft

Pick out the hair weave up and attempt to pay for the cornrow with hair weft. Insert the needle beneath the cornrow and pull on the ribbon lightly, leaving a loop. In the event the hair stretched outside of your own hair weft, simply fold it back on the mind as you attach the hair weaves.

Produce a knot

Once you thread your own curved needle throughout your hair, thread the needle through the loop that you left in the conclusion of your final sewing. Pull the ribbon securely to be sure that the hair weaves attached into the hair firmly.

Continue to stitching your own hair package about a 1⁄2 inch from the last sewing. Keep on sewing your expansion over the part line maintaining your backsplash tidy and also a uniform 1/2-inch distance aside.

Finish the sewing

When you’re just one sewing of your hair bundles left, then thread the needle through the front part of the hair bundle and sew both folded ends to one another. Don’t sewing through the hair , make a couple of stitches to fold the folded end onto it. Following that, place your needle through a single stitch, pull it through and make a loop, then place your needle through the loop your made to create a knot.

Reduce your sewn in hair glow if needed

Based on what hairstyle you need and the way you wear your hair weaves, you might have to cut your straightened in hair wefts to receive a new hairstyle and also to assist your hair shinier blend more ideal with your normal hair.


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